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Pricing of IEH location

Co-working Area   (Unit : desk)

Type Fees(for NCCU)                  Fees
Monthly 1,500 NTD 3,500 NTD
Seasonal (3 Months) 3,000 NTD 9,000 NTD

Private office rate ranges between NT$9,000~16,000 per month, the actual rate depends on the room capacity.

Please contact us by E-mail ( or phone (02-2939-3091 ext. 67079 or 67080) if you have further questions. You may also download the application form and send it to us by e-mail when the document is ready.

 We sincerely invite you to promote the philosophy of IEH. The following personality traits are expected by IEH:

■Emotionally Literate
■Critical Thinking
■Positive Thinking
■Tolerance of Others
■Willingness to Fail
■Readiness to Give
■Socially Responsible
■Readiness to Lead